Frequently Asked Questions

1What will I gain from studying at INIFD Patna?

The philosophy of INIFD is to equip students with knowledge and skills appropriate to a wide range of careers in the fashion industry or to prepare them for further study in relevant fields.

  • Students will gain an enriching experience from a palette of activities and fostering learning environment.
  • Industry integrated modules encouraging students to work on live briefs, so as to gain valuable commercial experience.
  • Industry experienced and Foreign faculty, to impart unparalleled delivery of curriculum.
  • Fully equipped laboratories.

2What are our teaching methods?

Teaching is intensive and supportive, combining a high proportion of face-to-face sessions with state-of-the-art online learning facilities. This modern, blended learning approach along with Industry centric curriculum will equip students with the requisite skill set needed for the current industry requirements.

3Are drawing skills a pre-requisite for pursuing a course at INIFD?

Drawing skills are not a pre-requisite for pursuing study programs at INIFD. Our courses impart intensive Design education to cultivate the necessary skills. However, if you possess them already, then it will definitely give you a competitive advantage.in clearing the VEED exam.

4How good do I have to be to pursue a course at INIFD?

At INIFD, there are courses at different levels, so if you have no experience and want to try something for the first time, choose a short-term course which can later be converted to a full-time Program by credit transfer. If you already have some experience, then there are courses to help you develop your skills further. More experienced applicants can join directly onto a higher stage of the course (Lateral Entry), but they will have to sit for a competency test for the same.

5Do you accept Lateral entry students?

We do accept lateral entry students into the second year of the programme but only if you have been enrolled in a similar programme and have covered all the material of the first year. Please note that it is not possible to join any programme in the final year.

6How do I apply?

Students can either apply in person or apply through the online application service at the VIDM official website. Once we receive your application, you will be sent instructions for your VEED Online Entrance Examination.


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